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Photo Diary: Kyeopta Korea I

I have been refusing to blog more about Seoul because I keep getting withdrawal symptomsΒ every time I go through my "Kyeopta Korea" album. Here's a picture diary of some stuff I haven't uploaded yet: Commuting. My sister and I used the subway a lot. They have so many lines, I lost count but it was… Continue reading Photo Diary: Kyeopta Korea I

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Philippine Diary: My 2016 Holy Week

My favourite part of Holy Week is always the procession. Since I was a kid I've always been fascinated when people walk along the streets carrying figures of saints while holding their lighted candles and saying the prayers I've somehow memorized during vigils held in different homes. My grandmother's family is Catholic, though not as… Continue reading Philippine Diary: My 2016 Holy Week

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Philippine Diary: The Bulacan Escapade

I went to Bulacan for Deng's mom's 60th birthday. We spent the weekend there, along with Deng's other friends from work. On the bus ride to Bulacan, Deng raked through my hair and said "MAGPA REBOND KA NA NGA!" (get your hair straightened!) We spent that same night making shanghai rolls and arguing over the… Continue reading Philippine Diary: The Bulacan Escapade