The Daily


Uhm, so. I kind of moved. Well, I got myself a hosting site and new domain  c/o my sister. If you’re subscribed to this site, don’t worry I’ve already migrated my subscribers to my new space on the net. I just wanted to streamline and organize everything and have one hub for all my things! Also, a free wordpress doesn’t give you much space so …

As the magulo (messy) person that I am, I think I might still write here from time to time. Maybe more personal things? Maybe things related to kdramas because omg did i tell you? I got hooked on Jdramas and movies last month too. Or like how affected I was with the Heart- Echo photos at the Rimowa event because guys you just cannot deny the chemistry. I’m sorry. Let’s not light a fire when the driftwood’s wet but still. Guys.

Anyway as I was saying,

I don’t know, who knows.  Ces’t la vie.


LOL did I even use that phrase right.

Move ako ng move, nasobrahan ata ako sa pag move-on.


(This move has allowed me to be more babaeng bakla on this space. )


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