KDrama Relatable Quotes and Other Musings

During that short stretch between school and unemployment, (it was only actually less than a month or so) I found myself indulging in more than my usual three asian dramas at a time. I’ve kind of lost count of all the KDramas I’ve watched since the start of the year but there were a few lines from certain dramas that struck me. Maybe because they were relatable in my own life. Here’s a few that I can remember from the top of my head:


I love this Kdrama because of two things 1) the storyline 2) its simplicity

It’s about a group of friends in their late twenties who are struggling to achieve their dreams in a society that’s obsessed with the traditional definition of success. For the most part, it’s about the late bloomers, the kids who didn’t get to follow a straight path because of life’s curveballs.

QUOTE #1 :

Ko Dong Man Dream: Taekwondo Champion Reality: Pest Controller

“The major leagues is where you are.” – Ko Dong man

This is what Ko Dong Man told Ae ra when she was having a dilemma about which job interview to go to on the same day. Ae ra was reluctant to let go of the announcer job interview because everyone wanted to be a news announcer. But Dongman knew her so well that he knew she would be happier to work as an MMA court announcer. This straightforward line basically says: It doesn’t matter what the majority thinks is the best job, what you want to do, that’s the best job for you. That’s your major league.

QUOTE #2: “I earned money.” – Choi Ae ra

Ae ra was  rudely asked by an interviewer what she had been doing with her life (her contemporaries had internships and experiences abroad while she had no related experience in the announcer field.) She answered that she was earning money.  Later on Ae ra sat on the bus and was so frustrated that a mere resume would be the basis for judging her life experiences.

Like Ae ra, I worked a lot. I worked different jobs, some related to my field but most were serving burgers or looking for petite sizes at the back of a storage room. I did all these so I could earn enough to continue my film education. Like Ae ra, these experiences actually taught us most about life and how to be a decent human being. It may not look good on a professional resume but it was real life. We didn’t have the luxury that others did. In school, I do feel like my classmates don’t trust me enough to work in productions because they don’t see any related experience. I even had someone condescendingly remark about how their experience were superior to mine. However, Ae ra was still good with the microphone, she knew how to adapt and how to get along with people. That classmate didn’t realize that I too brought a different skill set into the picture. And from what I learned through all these years of working, I know that you can always learn something, having a good attitude is more important. I try to remember this whenever classmates underestimate me just because they haven’t seen me working in the context of a film production. I mean tbh, they need to learn more professionalism, they’re always running late. sigh.

Baek Seol Hee Dream: Suburbian Housewife and Blogger Reality: Call center agent for a home shopping network

QUOTE # 3: “Being a good mom, being a good wife is my dream. Does wanting to be a mom not count as a dream? Does everybody in the world have to self-improve? “– Seol hee

Seol hee is the group’s mother hen, she is naturally nurturing and loves to anticipate what her friends may need. In the modern world, a woman without a career is looked down on. But that’s Seol hee’s dream and just because her dream isn’t in sync with everyone else’s doesn’t give people the right to shit on her dreams.

In film school, there’s a sort of condescension towards people who want to work in mainstream. I can’t count the times I got flack from friends for wanting to work in a corporate set-up. Just recently I had someone scoff at my decision to apply for an entertainment company. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I realized that this person did not know me well enough, and I also realized that this person was not someone I could fully trust to tell my dreams to. That person didn’t even plan on working in the TV and Film industry. This is why I keep a certain distance from such people because I don’t want to forget my own goals just because they don’t see it as a valid or lofty goal. We all want to save the world, but not everyone has to follow the same method.

Like Choi Ae ra I spent my “best years” working, because of that I know what job I want and don’t want. It’s easier for me  to prioritize whilst job hunting i.e company culture, growth etc. I’m still anxious but I’m not as lost as I was when I was just starting. I have some kind of direction with just enough flexibility for when things don’t work the way I expect them to.

Three Lives, Three Worlds – Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (Eternal Love)

Eternal Love isn’t actually a KDrama but a CDrama and I ended up watching it because I was intrigued by the plot summary. It’s about celestial beings in three lifetimes. There are two “Eternal Love” CDramas, the other one is about a dimension travelling modern woman. I also watch that one but I’m not done with it yet.

Quick summary: Bai Qian, daughter of the fox king disguises herself as a man (Si Yi) to be a disciple of Mo Yuan. During her stay as a disciple she encounters Li Jing of the Ghost Tribe. Li Jing falls in love with her and pursues her, she finally falls for Li Jing only to be betrayed by him. Li Jing spends most of his later life trying to make amends to Si Yi. Si Yi is devoted to her master, Mo Yuan, and when Mo Yuan “dies” in the second Celestial War she keeps his body, waiting for the day he’ll awaken. During these years she also becomes a mortal and forgets her immortal life, she meets Ye Hua in the mortal world who looks strikingly similar to Mo Yuan.

QUOTES 1 and 2:

“We were merely acquaintances. You are overstating.” – Mo Yuan

ancient fuccbois of china be like. . .

Mo Yuan in response to a woman who kidnaps Si Yi, she asked Mo Yuan if their time together as colleagues in the Celestial wars meant nothing to him. Mo Yuan’s response? Classic fuccboi realness. Loljk.

“When I felt the strongest for you, you knocked me down. You only saw that I let go easily but did not see how miserable and sad I was.” – Bai Qian/ Si Yi

Being the one who leaves- people assume it’s easier. I’ve always been blamed for leaving in fact someone even said “you’re always the one who leaves.” to which I replied, “Yes, I’m always the one who leaves but I’m always the one who’s hurting.” #soapopera

Because it isn’t any easier for us, we all have different reasons.


QUOTES 3 and 4:

“You say today that you’ve never forgot me. That is only because you are always searching for things you cannot attain or that you have lost. Once you possess them, you no longer cherish them.” -Bai Qian/ Si Yi

Because there was a time when someone showed up and said things to me about our past and I wish I just gave him a piece of paper with this quote, instead of stressing myself out. #ByeFelicia

“I discovered that your face was not what I knew in my head. That was when I knew my heartache was over. I was finally free.”

Do we fall in love with people? Or the idea of them? It took me a long time to realize that someone I loved was not as sincere as I thought they were. And when I realized that who he had become was unlike the grounded person I once knew, I felt less hurt. The demise of our relationship was something I didn’t blame myself for anymore.

From career quotes to love real quick! Most of these were said by Si Yi to Li Jing.

I’m currently watching Girl’s Generation 1979 and Age of Youth 2 so I’ll try to gather other quotes in the process.

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She’s currently a dance major too in university ❤ ❤ ❤

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Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoyed this post!


4 thoughts on “KDrama Relatable Quotes and Other Musings

  1. My dream: Digital nomad, publisher and entrepreneur, frivolous houswife
    Reality: Paper pusher with repetitive admin related tasks
    Lol. Ok I will make time for this kdrama Fight My Way
    Also #Vote4Frances ❤❤❤

    1. I have a feeling you’re almost there. I’ve been reading through your entries and I’m envious.

      Will you be my publisher for a zine I’m working on? Hahaha.

      1. First of all, you have amazing writing -personal, witty and relatable. Second, wait lang sila we will publish your zine by hook or by crook. Haha! ❤ you!

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