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The Daily: 3/8/17

While getting on the jeepney today the people wouldn’t budge from their sided position so I lowkey kicked their shoes. That’s me. Β I was never a morning person. I don’t think I’m very nice either.

Our professor gave us an activity where we basically mapped out our past on paper. We didn’t know this at first because it really was just a kind of line graph (apparently it’s a psych thing idk.) The last thing he did was to ask us to crumple the paper.

I haltingly did so. but then he took it from our hands and threw it in the trash and I just couldn’t. Like noooooo. no. “it hurts” my seatmate said. i could only look at her sadly too. there’s a rip in my heart somewhere but also a sigh of relief escaped. it’s done, it’s over. whatever it was is in the past and they don’t exist today.


Our professor asked me if I had seen De Lima’s sex video. He told me I should watch it so I could see for myself that it was fake because of a stealth cut somewhere in the video. Happy International Women’s Day everyone.

Do you find yourself just randomly googling things that come into your mind? For some reason I remembered Vancouver’s Mayor Robertson and got curious about his popstar girlfriend. Here’s what I ended up with:

Listening to the song already makes me feel sentimental. It evokes a kind of nostalgia for something that’s long gone and then I found the translation – an affirmation that music is universal. Comments section is gold when you’re looking for the english translation. It’s also gold when it comes to juicy gossip (i.e her mom’s corruption scandal in China.)

The things the universe hits you with. Lol.

It’s okay I can take a joke. S T R O N G.



2 thoughts on “The Daily: 3/8/17

  1. Wanting Qu is a really good artist (In my opinion) Because her music in some way always hit me all kinds of emotions and wo de geshing li is just one of the many best there’s also
    “when it’s lonely”
    “love ocean”
    “Little friend”
    “Not that different”
    “Your girl”
    “Joker needs laughter too”
    “Time my good friend”
    “say the words”

    and “life is a struggle”

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