Kdrama Watch: Tomorrow With You

I should have been writing about all the Korean Dramas I’ve already watched but I’ve lost count and if you’re part of the “kinain na ng sistema” (eaten by the system) of Kdramas then you’ll understand, nobody got time! I started watching Korean films and series since I was 11. During those times we only had Arirang TV on cable so I’d patiently try to make it home on days that my favourite shows would come up. They also used to show movies every saturday night at 10 pm. My mom and I would get into a fight because she always made me sleep early. I’m trying to remember my favourites back then but maybe I’ll write a separate entry for it. I also used to watch their music shows like Show Music Tank and the show that replaced it on its time slot. The only way of knowing what the song meant was to read the english description that ran through the screen. So if you missed it, you’d have to wait a few more years to Google it. Lol. It’s where I first discovered my first love Kangta of H.O.T crooning to Last Summer Night.

I had to embed his video because you have to understand it was 2001. 2001 guys. Pre Meteor Garden! Gaah how gorgeous.

The Korean Drama craze came back again when my family and I went through all the Studio Ghibli films and we were looking for something else to watch. After getting sick of all those ads I bought a year’s worth of subscription of Kdramas for my family. I have seen many sleepless nights, specially when we were watching Master’s Sun. My mom is worse than I am. She goes through these series like Usain Bolt. One time I caught her still up at 5 am rewatching Kim Sam Soon. Years ago we’d fight about my 10 pm movie viewing habits, now I was scolding her to get to bed at 5 am.  I’m still thankful though because we’ve grown to appreciate the magic of storytelling. To be perfectly honest, South Korean films was one of the two reasons why I wanted to major in film when I was just 13.

The most recent drama I’m watching is Tomorrow With You starring Shin Min-Ah and Lee Je Hoon. It’s basically about a guy who can travel to the future through the subway. He finds out his time of death occurs the same as a woman who survived a freak train accident with him a decade ago. He decides to try and change the future by marrying this woman. It’s still 4 episodes in but I have a feeling it’s going to revolve around their relationship issues because the guy basically doesn’t really love the girl when he marries her while the girl is madly in love with him. He’s too focused on changing the future that he saw that he doesn’t see what’s right in front of him. In fact he considers marriage as like having a “roommate”. The two actors’ chemistry is so strong I had butterflies in my stomach and a skip all day after I watched it. I know it’s too early to tell but this series is so promising it makes me cry.

has anyone ever smiled at you like this? well, it’s a scam. run! – salty
wishy washy hot and cold guys are the worst, right?!

I also wanted to swoon about Lee Je Hoon! Oh my goodness where did this man come from? I was a little apathetic towards his character for the first three episodes but he has this magnetic and deliriously charming smile that I didn’t even realize I was already smitten. I mean seriously he is so handsome it hurts. I’m hooked. Apparently he stars in Signal, a crime drama that my mom enjoys watching. So Ji Sub is actually the love of my life but I’m adding Je Hoon to my list of side baes along with Go Kyung Pyo (Reply 1988.) I’ve always admired Korean actors, they morph into their characters so well for each Kdrama they star in, they’re sometimes unrecognizable as themselves. You can practically the startling difference between the air their characters carry versus the photos or clips of them as they are.  I fall for their character but not for them – this is why Ji Sub is my ultimate love because I love him as him and not as his characters in his shows. I wanted to stalk him in Seoul but I didn’t know how so I just bought a 12 poster set of him in Myeongdong. Like I’m serious about getting my masters in Korea, working in production, meeting him and then marrying him. ANYWAY. . .

I’ve always liked Shin Min-Ah and I think her style in this drama is adorable. It’s bordering on 90s fashion. I’m copying her wardrobe the soonest I can get shopping money. Her character here is a child star who outgrew her fame and gets lambasted online every now and then. She’s a struggling cheerful photographer who can’t say no to beer (hmmm, sounds familiar except for the child star part, mine’s a star complex tho. loljk!)

omg i lived so close to this coffeeshop in Hongdae!

screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-7-54-16-pmscreen-shot-2017-02-15-at-7-43-06-pm screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-7-25-02-pm screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-7-38-00-pm screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-7-18-50-pm

If you can see from the screenshots I took, the mood, colour and cinematography is absolutely delightful. I’ve always wanted my films to be coloured this way. If you’re already watching it, let me know what you think. If you haven’t, brace yourselves for Ep 4 because omg so intense i die. Laaaard. BRB i’ll be in my facemask binge watching other series while I wait for the next episode to come up!


3 thoughts on “Kdrama Watch: Tomorrow With You

    1. I’m now also watching Strongwoman Do Bong Soo. it’s hilarious! good balance between the more mellow Tomorrow With You. My heart hurts after every episode! 😥

  1. We’re the same! These two dramas are good to balance your emotion. I love how tomorrow with touch and hurt you hearts while Strongwoman Do Bong Soon is a light and full of fun drama. 💕

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