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Instagram Photodiary: The Canadian Rockies

Taking a break from all this acads related post and uploading a photo diary of our family trip to the Canadian Rockies. Something I haven’t posted about at all! ❀



wearing my “ahjumma” hat.
when we’re not getting on each other’s nerves.
this snow mobile may not look huge at all but my sister’s only as tall as the tires! she’s around 5 ft btw lol
Peyto Lake.
Louise Lake lookout
girl knows how to row.
our cabin in the woods.

wpid-2015-07-04-04.44.28-1.jpg.jpg wpid-2015-07-05-02.37.23-1.jpg.jpg wpid-2015-07-05-02.39.50-1.jpg.jpg wpid-2015-07-05-02.35.29-1.jpg.jpg wpid-2015-07-03-10.25.44-1.jpg.jpg wpid-2015-07-06-01.57.37-1.jpg.jpg wpid-2015-07-05-10.13.56-1.jpg.jpg


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