Giveaway: Keeva Essentials’ Deja Poo

Hey everyone!


I’m doing a giveaway by Keeva Essentials. I have 3 bottles of their Déjà Poo line . If you’re wondering what it is it’s an all-natural pre-poo spray that traps embarrassing bathroom odors.

It might be funny to some people but I really do feel the need to have one. I’ve been looking for something like it since forever.

A little background, I found them on instagram and knew I had to order some before my trip to Korea.

I got three different scents! If you’re wondering why on earth I even ordered more than one it’s because I knew my sisters would love them specially because they love to travel as much as I do. Sharing a bathroom with fellow backpackers is one thing but having them smell your odor – awkward! It’s like a travel (everday even) must have.

While I was still in Manila my little sister messaged me from her hostel. It was her first time travelling solo and she had the same awkward feeling. I assured her that I’d be there with a surprise.

Needless to say when I got there my sister wouldn’t even go out of the hostel without her Keeva Essential Déjà Poo. Everytime one of us had to do the #2 we’d hand each other the sprays. We were staying at a mixed dorm, gaah! You just never know when you have to go or when your stomach decides to act up (uhm which sshhh happened to me in Korea lol ok TMI! Thank God they have nice public toilets BWAAHAHAHA ok TMI.) but I’ve never felt so confident  in my life, #KeevaConfident!

And if you don’t get picked, don’t worry.

You can find them on their online store at Keeva Essentials.

They’re also now available at Rustan’s Bath section.

Here’s the link to the giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The giveaway winners are:

Romila Santos

Geva Jayson

Dianne Gandeza-Landicho

Congratulations! An email is on your way so I can send these goodies soonest!



7 thoughts on “Giveaway: Keeva Essentials’ Deja Poo

  1. That’s so nifty! I keep thinking that this is perfect for when i go to work as well! I share thentoilets with my coteachers, as well as our student kiddos! Imagine them saying “phooey! teacher made the bathroom smell!” 😂 I’d like to say i can wait till they go home but when you gotta go, you gotta go!!! 😂

    1. oooh ur not the only one- my sister has one and she uses it at work hahaha! luckily i don’t live in dorms na but when i used to i wished i had something like this 😀

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