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Soap Review: Lush Sea Vegetable

Summer in the Philippines is crazy! But I’ve got just the perfect soap to help me feel cooler than usual. Lush’s Sea Vegetable Soap reminds you of cool ocean breeze and gives you that tingling sensation. Its key ingredients are coarse sea salt, arame seaweed, lime oil, lavender oil and seaweed absolute. Just looking at its blue and green layers of salt and seaweed made me want to dive into the huge chunk display. It really does remind you of the ocean. I expected it to smell a lot like the usual “ocean” scents but it smells differently.

Aside from the subtle scent here is why I enjoy this soap:

#1 Exfoliating Layer. I’m a sucker for exfoliants, so the salt layer at the top helps a lot in scrubbing off dirt. It can be a good or bad thing, depending on your needs but I wanted to have more salt exfoliants inside the soap. All of it was on the top layer and it melted after 2-3 showers.

#2 Seaweed. Not sure if this is purely psychological but having tangible seaweed in the soap makes it seem more natural. I’m not so sure what it does to my skin though.

#3 Cleans Effectively. After using this soap I always feel squeaky clean without feeling dry. I also used this soap to rinse off paint from my arms and legs, and it worked quicker than I expected. It does take a while to get a lather though.

#4 Longevity. Uncertain if that word applies to soap but 100 grams of this soap lasts more than a month. After a month of use, I still have half a bar remaining. It doesn’t go soft too.

#5 Calming Effect. What I noticed about the past two bar soaps I’ve tried from Lush Cosmetics is that I always feel better and calmer after washing. Of course, taking showers always makes one feel better but the calming effect is really different. I also get a better night’s sleep with this soap.

I get so excited to try new soaps from Lush that I becoming impatient because my Sea Vegetable soap isn’t running out as fast as I want it to.


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