My Favourite Things: Still Winter Where You Are

A Guilty Pleasure Disclaimer:

I’ve been trying not to show my purchases on my social networking accounts because I didn’t want to create some sort of unrealistic expectations and envy. I know the effects that social media can have and I’ve heard so many stories of people not paying their loans or their tuition or the rent just so they can sustain a seemingly luxurious lifestyle. This is also why I made a separate blog for fashion & beauty.

Let me start off by saying that I only purchase things when I have extra money. Part of my paycheck first goes to my automatic savings account then my expenses (utility bills, insurance, student loans.) I also almost never buy anything full-priced. Either 1) I go for the sales rack or 2) I have a membership with the store or 3) friends with huge associate discounts

and with that disclaimer, I can now peacefully go on blogging about what’s in my shopping bag. Hurray!

Here are two of my all time winter favourite items from Jcrew:

  1. Scarf – This really fluffy, warm scarf perfect for the Christmas season. I’ve used it for two winters now and it’s still my favourite. The scarf adds a pop of colour to my usually black and gray winter coats.

  2. Camp Socks – I got these socks the same time I got my scarf and I use it everytime I go out. They’re so cute, and they keep my feet warm during Vancouver’s milder winter. I actually have three camp socks of different designs and another one my friend gave me because he also hoards socks from JCrew. If you’re looking for really funky, cute, and warm socks- head on to JCrew, they always have a sale on socks!



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3 thoughts on “My Favourite Things: Still Winter Where You Are

  1. Your scarf and socks are soooo cute! ❤ Sounds like your handling your money wisely! 😀 It's so important to have savings in case of emergencies. I also like to hunt for sales and coupons when I shop. XD

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