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Even online games follow the traditional idea of success. Grrrr.

Things that happen when you turn a year older:

  1. people tell you to get married.
  2. people tell you to get married.
  3. people tell you to get married.


They say it in different ways too, like:

“Hey, remember our highschool batchmate’s ex-girlfriend? No? Well I bumped into her and asked how she was doing. She said she has two kids now. What about you???”

“Omg you’re a year older. You should get married.”

“What is the state of your love life? Zero? Well, what are you doing about it?!”

“You don’t have much time.”

I honestly feel like I’m still 19 and the fact that I’m going back to university only magnifies this. I mean, if we were to follow the traditional idea of a suitable bride I’d probably be the most inelegible bachellorette in a 100-km radius. Besides, I honestly don’t find this a problem or something urgent that needs to be solved. I’m so focused in studying and flirting with 19-year olds (omg joke) and actually gunning for my career goals. If it makes you feel better I have an alter-ego in The Sims who’s already married with a kid and has a networth of $100,000+ simoleons. Worse case scenario would be at 40 I’m housemates with my best friends, and honestly that doesn’t scare me. It actually seems exciting.

Marry me?

2 thoughts on “The Daily: WTH

  1. OMG! Hahahah! Nakatawa ko sa Sims alter-ego :)) What is this game? Murag Sims? Madownload nga. Hahah! Oki ra na uy, I read somewhere na having babies at 30+ make the kids smart daw. Hmm. Well, this is about having kids na, different scenario almost same level. Lols! You still have a looot of time, atat lang jud sila :))

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