The Daily

The Daily: New Year Wishes

I used to do all these grandiose promises to myself about being a better 2.0 of myself- every month or when every occasion arises. “This new thing I just bought will help me change into something else!” it never usually works though. This year, after getting sick, I realized that there are things that are innately me and will most likely not change, so I figured I should just accept it and work around those traits. Small steps, small steps. Here are some things that popped up while I wasn’t really thinking of any new year’s resolution:

      • Not to wear mismatched socks anymore or socks with holes in them – ehehehe. be honest, sometimes you pray to the gods you don’t run into a situation where you have to take your shoes off then it happens! argh.


      • Continue walking- i don’t think i’ll ever go back to the gym. at one point in my life i used to be a gym rat but i realized i’m more of an outdoor person. I like to do things with a goal so maybe just maybe i’ll go back to things i enjoy like soccer or biking or hiking or climbing. I’ve learned to enjoy walking though so I’ll probably continue my 5 km per day.


      • Take off makeup– i already have make-up remover, wet tissues and eye make-up remover to help me out because I’m lazy.


      • Send more postcards– i’m really the worst at keeping in touch.


      • Continue maintaining the sugar and salt diet– i bloat so easily and found out that if i keep off the sugar and salt, i look slimmer in days.


      • Clean my laptop– poor thing.


      • Maintain my sparkling planner. have you seen my 2015 planner?
      • Drink meds on time + Daily vitamins
      • Stop faking i’m pregnant when commuting – fine I’ve only done it once or twice. The first time a car let me cross the street first (pedestrians are not king in the Philippines) but I still didn’t get a seat on the train baaah.


      • Don’t go to the mall when feeling sad because SHOPPING!


(This is my OST everytime I go in the mall…)

  • Stop collecting mugs and drinking glasses in my room.
  • Stop eating in bed.


  • and lastly… untangle my hair every morning!! I never really had tangled hair but after having this blog for a year my hair started tangling. my goodness!!!

After having this list in my drafts for days and finishing this in bed while snacking on popcorn, I realized that i’m probably only doing 6/13. No pressure though. The title for this post should have been “New Year’s Resolution that are Most Likely Never Going to Happen.” What are yours?


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