Sleepless in Seattle

You have no idea how I was dying to use that title on my blogpost! My friends and I planned a daytrip to Seattle since it was just a 2-3 hour drive from Vancouver.

Mhari, Jorgee and I slept over at Arvin’s the night before our scheduled trip. We initally planned to leave at 5:30 am but moved it to 7 because we slept late. Jorgee said Arvin and I were so noisy, chitchatting at 2 in the morning. I think he just has exceptional hearing.

At 7 am, Wayne promptly picked us up and we were on our way!

IMG_7503 IMG_7505


 It was raining during the drive, sometimes we would doze off but mostly we entertained ourselves with music and wacky conversations.

When we reached Seattle, our first stop was at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting. It’s like this super huge, upscale starbucks that sells coffee for $6. Ikr? I died. I don’t even drink coffee so I had hot chocolate but my friends gave me a sip of their coffee. They said it was really good coffee. I have no idea, I am no coffee connoisseur.

IMG_7527 IMG_7532 IMG_7536

Afterwards, we walked towards Poquito’s, a mexican restaurant to grab some brunch. Arvin, Mhari and Jorgee were walking too fast while Wayne and I lagged behind because we kept taking photos.


 Poquito’s is a spacious and pretty place. We sat at the corner of the atrium with the sunlit windows.


  After brunch we headed to Pike Market for some sightseeing. We also lined up at the first ever Starbucks and I got a latte while the others bought souvenirs.


We went into Target to grab some Spicy Hot Cheetos (not available in Canada!) While Arvin and Wayne got Adele’s album. Then we drove off to Kurt Cobain’s house as per Mhari’s request. The road leading to his house had such a pretty view but you could totally feel the change of energy in the place. It was pretty creepy.

That is Mhari trying to contain her happiness.
Kurt Cobain’s house.
looks like Nirvana, get it? get it?!

Then we stopped by Trader Joe’s to grab some Cookie Butter then off we went to see the Space Needle. After more sightseeing, we ended our night in Seattle with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory



 I drank a grande for the ride back home because I was the designated entertainer. So I sang for a good hour just to keep Wayne awake, we played “what disney song is this?!” and I sounded like a total mixtape. We got into eachother’s nerves at some point. But mostly it was just playful banter. We were all so exhausted but happy! ❤



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