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The Daily: November in Review

November was crazy, I never really had the time to sit down and just write. Ok I’m lying, I did have a few free days that I could’ve spent with my laptop but didn’t. These are all low-res photos since life’s been happening so fast recently there’s not enough time to grab my chunky DSLR. Snap snap! Here’s the reason why I wasn’t able to blog for November:

October 30- November 4

Spent a week in Manila with my mom. I basically just tagged around on her meetings with friends. Dinner with my father’s side of the family, went to Divisoria, we stayed at Balay Kalinaw’s apartment units. This was mom’s dream, to spend a full week within her alma matter. We would spend nights walking around the academic oval, and on some mornings she’d be out walking and come back with breakfast.

November 4- November 8

Flew to Cebu to be with my sister and her boyfriend. We did some wedding preps but mostly spent our days sleeping in. I got to visit my old neighborhood in Cebu but because we didn’t have much time I wasn’t able to spend time with my friends or visit the UP Campus in Lahug. My old neighborhood is located in Ramos just near Velez College. I used to live in a dorm run by nuns. How I managed to survive deserves a post of itself.

It was really fun hanging out with these two. We each bought a pint of icecream once for a movie. We sometimes ate at restaurants but most of the time, we hit the cheaper eateries around the area. Most of which had good food too. I was so broke that I relied on my sister and her boyfriend for food and fare. Thank you, pseudo parents.

Just so you know they’ve been together for 10 years since they were like 17 or 18.. and a huge chunk of that was LDR too. Gosh #relationshipgoals

I’ve always been curious about what’s inside Piere Angeli in Cebu. It’s a huuuuge space with lots of cloth. Kuya Mon had his barong made there. Also, got reunited with my white Vans sneakers yay!
Finally got to eat at the original Casa Verde which was a stone’s throw away from my old dorm!
Travelling for 5 hours. We were very well fed thanks to Kuya Momon who always bought food from the vendors. From chicharon to torta to Ampao.
Sige, PDA pa! Pakasal na kayo!!!

November 8-16

The three of us travelled from Cebu to Dumaguete via bus, and after reaching Tanjay we rode a barge to cross to Dumaguete, each lugging a stroller and backpack plus the wedding gown, bridesmaid’s dresses, and the barong and a DJ machine thingy. My little sister was flying in on the same day from Manila while mom was already in Dumaguete for a week. We checked into our Air Bnb accomodations which I think is the best deal in town.  For the next few days we were just doing daily errands for the wedding, we also spent a day exploring Negros Oriental.

It was so hot out I usually spent the day indoors lying around
On mornings we’d walk to the beach


Yenski getting a makeup test while I slept. Mon was also in the house but we just locked him out of the room. Lol.


Yenski’s friends arrived the day before the wedding, they rented out another unit within the same compound.


Being fed well with family. I hung out with my cousins too.


Kiks being totally anti-social after I made sure she had a body guard when she arrived from NAIA. We were so paranoid because it was her first time being in NAIA on her own. Lol.

November 18-22

After the wedding we went on a side trip to Siquijor then pent one more day in Dumaguete before my little sister and I flew back to Manila right in the middle of APEC! We got PAL tickets because Cebu Pac has been so unreliable, even cancelling flights prior to APEC. We were so tense a few days before the wedding because majority of the guests were flying in from Manila, Cebu, and Cdo.

Due to the APEC my little sister and I were limited to the North of the capital, Quezon City! I really wanted to drag her beauty around Greenbelt but then again why would we when we were looking for bargains. So I showed her the wonders of SM Deparment store where she couldn’t help herself and then I showed her around Maginhawa. She just really enjoyed the vibe and the foodie/coffee culture because that’s her thing. Very hipster vancouverite. We bought facemask from Faceshop and make up from the bazaar in UP. I also made her ride a jeep lol. She was a good sport, even volunteering to commute as opposed to spending for Uber.


November 23-27 

The day after I sent my sister off at the airport, I went back again to pick up up my best friend, Gee from the airport. I only commuted on the way but luckilyJeshley’s mom was also arriving the same time and we hitched a ride and spent the night at her place. We were spoiled by her mom and dad’s homecooking and sweet Lanzones from Mindanao. Gee and I checked in at Makati the next day where she rented out an AirBnb accomodation. We spent the day familiarizing ourselves with the route she had to take for her exam day. It was fun being able to spend some time with my bestfriend in a different place. I tried to be all “wifey” but ended up cooking fries and binging on incecream the night before her exam. We even did a videocall with Kirk, one of our closest highschool friends. It was a good way to de-stress for her.

On the day of Gee’s exam I commuted and picked up my mom at the airport. I was doing all this crazy commuting on my own because everytime my family or friends were in Manila I tried to best accomodate them with Uber (to save them from stress!) It was the craziest week because I had to shuttle from Makati to QC for appointments with my doctor and to get my luggage for my flight back to Vancouver.  I stayed in Makati the entire time with Gee, and to save my mom the hassle she eventually stayed with us too. We kept most of our friend meet-ups within the area which was convenient.  Everything really fell into place because the three of us had the same flight dates.

I got my way so we ate at Wildflour, I only really wanted to try their bone marrow…
My support system in Manila. Highschool best friends Jeshley, Andy, and Gee.
Gee and I traded keychains/ travel buddies
How do I explain our relationship? It’s like, we’re so at home with each other. And isn’t she so hot? Mygod.
View from our Airbnb accomodation. Gee and I would just walk to wherever.

I actually didn’t think I’d be able to go home on Christmas. I was already mentally making plans on what to do for December in Manila. But then my mom got me a ticket which I didn’t quite expect. I kind of missed the colder weather in Vancity and all the food. So there I was happily snoozing onboard.

OKAY That’s the gist of how my november went. Will be blogging in depth about the wedding and yada yada in time my friends, in time!






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