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Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 3

Since I’ve been lethargic and feeling ungrateful for the past few weeks I think it’s time I list down some happy thoughts. This linkup from Helga is quite helpful when I’m down in the dumps. In fact, now I’m pretty much okay. I’m excited to watch a basketball game over the weekend and attend a baking class. oops, that’s for next week’s post!

  1. I just ordered Shakey’s delivery online for my cousins. Food and bonding time and a little thank you for letting me stay at their place while I finish my degree.

  2. Face-time with Arvin. We don’t always talk on the phone but when we do, we usually clock in for an hour. It’s my happy time because I’m my funny self with him and I can tell him anything! From our Koreanovela lives to my theories on Pangako Sa’yo.

  3. My mom sent me a photo of my succulent and its baby succulent! I make it a point to have plants in my room so I’m really happy to know that the plants I left are thriving!

  4. Seeing recent photos of my family. They are beautiful! I miss them much and so excited to see them soon.

  5. The UP Academic oval. It’s so near and I can run or walk when I feel like a sloth.


  6. Wayne’s menswear blog! I’m so proud of this guy. He really knows his stuff. I used to always go to him or Arvin for help whenever I worked in the men’s section. (how do you wear a bowtie? help me w/ the suits! etc etc)

  7. News from freelance work. Sweldo sweldo din pag may time.

  8. This 2-hour long but insightful and important documentary by Alain de Botton on Status Anxiety. We are all so concerned about our image, this one brings us back to why, how and what to do with it.

  9. And if you’re in a creative stump, here’s a realistic but positive approach to your artistic endeavours from Marie Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert.

  10. Three words: The Mindy Project.
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