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My Favourite Things for October: From Head to Toe

This is my first time joining this link-up on favourite things from Raisa and Eirene. My fault for not linking them earlier! Such a noob. Sorry! Anyhow, I’ve had these items for awhile now but haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. October’s favourite things range from the comfiest of flats to necklaces to hair products. I swear by these:Β 

Cece Flats

These JCrew Cece flats– the most comfortable flats I’ve ever stepped into! I have black ones from Nine West that look exactly like these but those were really painful to break into. Β I never had problems with this one, with its cushioned insole it was so soft and comfortable. I’m not so sure if they’re still made in Italy, there’s been a debate around that. Jcrew aficionados have complained how it’s unlike the original Cece flats but I find that these ones fit me comfortably, hey I don’t know any better. Now I wonder how the original ones felt. This one comes in taupe colour, I still want it in every colour!


Statement necklaces. These ones are also from JCrew. They add some life (sometimes glamour) to my basic tees and sweaters. Last year was quite a craze for statement necklaces and it seems like it hasn’t died down. I bought these on sale but seriously, just go to Divisoria for a cheap and wide array of options!


Lush Big Shampoo + American Cream Conditioner – I’m currently using Loccitane’s Repair shampoo and conditioner because I got a hair treatment but when my hair is free of chemicals I use Lush’s BIG sea salt shampoo. It’s honestly the best shampoo I’ve had for volumizing my hair. The oomph in my once limp hair is very noticeable and my sisters also swear by it. The American Cream is a good combination for the sea salt shampoo since your hair can feel coarse if you only apply the shampoo alone. The American Cream is the best conditioner I’ve had. It makes my hair really shiny, try it and you’ll definitely notice the difference!

Tip: When I’m broke I get catalogues from my favourite stores instead of buying magazines! Bahahaha.

My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup


8 thoughts on “My Favourite Things for October: From Head to Toe

  1. Yay for finding comfortable flats! I like the color that they’re in, and I think the design on the necklaces you bought are pretty. The gray one looks like it could go with a lot of things πŸ™‚

    1. thank you! i had a hard time choosing haha. yep the grey blue one is easy to match, the chunky one is a little harder but it goes well with white, peah, orange, and brown tops. really pops πŸ˜€

  2. Oooohh! I’ve heard good things about Lush’s Big Shampoo. I’m a fan of anything with sea salt so I’ll have to try that out one of these days πŸ˜€

  3. Statement necklaces are the best! They’re one of my favorite accessories. Love pairing mine with a plain crew neck.

    Thank you so much for joining our linkup! ❀

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