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Tinderella Fail

Thoughts while going through Tinder:

Oh, nah, wait..let me go back to that other profile. what wait what is this?! I did not like that!

Is this someone I know?

No no no! I meant to swipe right not left!

“looking for the one”- weh. walang forever k! asa ka pa.

ewe. kayo na may abs!

abs na naman?

topless selfie?

wait which location am i swiping in?!

szooo basic. *rolls eyes

what am i doing here?

meh, there’s noone who’s cuter than Ji-sub!!!

what, wait why’d tinder reset? I actually liked that guy. boo.

ugh, these guys are nothing like . . .

why do you need a photo w/ your ride? hnggg

ewe alpha males.

i wonder if they’re sexist. i wonder if they’re narrow minded. meh, i don’t feel like finding out.

oh this guy looks like a wife beater.

ugh so pretentious!

i can’t, i’m becoming a bad person.

ay, forget it.


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