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Friday’s 10 Happy Things | #1

Look it’s my first time doing this! I’m bad at things like these but it’s going to be helpful if I want to blog consistently yah.

  1. Spent an evening with Arvin and Mhari at Cambie, their favorite pub. Apparently, they say it can get pretty ratchet in the evenings but Mhari says a true local will have definitely been to the Cambie, so check!


  2. SKIRTS! SKIRTS! SKIRTS! – I wore a skirt for two days in a row. I’m trying to wear all my girly girl and skimpy clothes here because I know I won’t be able to use them when I go back to the Philippines (because you know na #patriarchy).

  3. Got complimented on my skirt on the skytrain and actually had a conversation w/ someone that went a little beyond small talk.

  4. Watched my little sister’s dance performance. Her last in highschool since it’s her senior year. Ooh, did I mention she’s dance captain?


  5. Frozen yogurt. Do people still like frozen yogurt or was that a trend? It still makes me happy though.

  6.  Pangako Sa’yo and Kathryn Bernardo – why i love mondays! I’m such a faney. But I swear, they’ve really done improvements specially with the script- very clean, tightly knit and no loopholes.

  7. Just looking at Pearl and Violet’s photos. Hnnnnggg so hot!


  8. Did a photoshoot with friends around downtown Vancouver. The neighborhood we went to was so pretty, lined up with old houses.


  9. Went to Kitsilano beach with my friends, had ramen. Basically just hanging out and just being with them without the need for any activity.


  10. Meaningful conversations. 
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