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Postcards from Italy

A few cute hauls from my sister’s trip to Italy last summer. She spent the month drinking, eating, and dancing with her fellow Kababayang Pilipino Cultural Performing Arts Group during the World Folkloric Latium Festival.

  1. Postcards – my sister likes sending postcards and snailmails when she’s travelling. When she was off to college and I was still in highschool, she would send me birthday cards. It was always the only thing I got in the mail, aside from bills. Maybe this is why I’ve been sending a lot of snailmail to my friends the past year.

  2. Pistachio Spread– This would be the bestย last minute airport purchase in the history of family pasalubongs (exag). It was really good, I’d take these over cookie butter anytime.

  3. Coral Bracelet– Made from the corals of the Ligurian Sea. It’s pretty but I don’t know how to wear it just yet. It’s a good thing summer’s just around the corner, they’ll be perfect for white beach shorts and easy wear shirts.

  4. Earrings– ceramic earrings from Cinque Terre. They are so detailed, dainty and elegant, I don’t know how i’ll pull them off. I’m really bad with accesories.

Not included in photos is the pop-up book from Venice and some chocolate dips that they devoured before I even knew it was there.

I guess I’m not ready for Europe because I always end up going back to the Philippines when I have the money but it’s good to get these goodies!


My sister recounts her experience eating, laughing, and dancing all over Rome in her blog. Check it out here and here.


2 thoughts on “Postcards from Italy

  1. That coral bracelet is so pretty! I’m going to keep an eye out on corals washed ashore next time I’m at the beach.

    And Pistachio Spread holy crap NEED THAT IN MY LIFE.

    1. yeah they’re a great idea aren’t they? like a cheaper, maybe more meaningful alternative to Pandora haha. Pistachio spread should be constantly in too.

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