Astrid Goes to Fashion Week

My friends have been attending Vancouver Fashion Week for the past few years and I’ve always been that bad friend who looks over their photos and rolls my eyes. Little did I know that I’d be attending one this year.


I didn’t mind though, somehow I found myself wanting to experience it. A yolo of sorts because hey, this will probably the first and last time I’ll ever go. Might as well see what’s brewing. My motto in life has always been “I live for the experience.”


I’ve worked in retail for over a year now and I’ve finally had some sort of direction when it came to my sense of style (it got messed up when I moved out of the tropics.) I figured I could just shop at the mall for an ensemble. But before going to the mall my sisters and I had to drop off a few bags of used clothes to the thrift shop. We ended up staying for an hour.

fashion week
sometimes i wish i had my own photographer..

I once was a broke student who majored in thrift shopping during college years and I got away with looking like a rich kid with clothes I pulled out from dusty racks. Frankie found a black and white top for me to try, I immediately thought of an outfit I could pull off (those years of being a broke dormer paid off, eh?) I found black brogues that were just my size. Paired these two thrifted items with my black J.Crew turner pants, a simple gold necklace and a black jacket.


Before I went to work I risked being late to get my eyebrows done. If there’s anything I learned from joining beauty pageants as a teenager, it’s this: eyebrows and lips maketh the face.

I worked 7 hours that day and had to do closing duties. How could I wear my outfit without having to bring a huge backpack? In the morning I suddenly figured it out. We were required to wear all black at work so I figured I could just wear my outfit underneath a black cardigan.  Gasp! Abominable! but it worked. How do I look fresh faced at the event? Luckily I work for a skincare company so on my break I took out a few pumps from the tester to cleanse my face. I put on my concealer on the bus ride back to downtown. I rushed to the library (across the street from the event) to do my makeup. Somehow, I managed to perfect my right eye’s makeup and screw the left, so I just hid my left eye with my hair. I ripped my makeup box to make it fit my tiny purse. I walked in that building looking like a mess and walked out of it feeling fabulous. This part of the story reminds me of that Tagalog song, Annie Batumbakal:

“Sa umaga, dispatsadora

Sa gabi, siya’y bonggang-bongga”

look fierce, milk it


I walked in while the show was going on, so I stood at the back searching for my friends in a sea of fascinating faces. I thought to myself: Why were all the people in front row pouting and frowning? I finally found my peers during a 15 minute break. We sat on the 2nd row just before the last show was about to start when one of the organizers (security?) asked two women at the front to move elsewhere. A few guests came in and sat in front of us but there were still two seats empty. The man took a look at me and R. “You two, can you move here?” oh he was commanding. I glanced at Arvin as he pushed me “Ok yeah sure!” No second thoughts on this one, I didn’t go through all that trouble for nothing. And this, ladies and gentlemen is how we ended up pouting while frowning on the front row of Vancouver Fashion Week’s opening night. Who were we? Crazy rich asian buyers! Loljk. Noone needed to know.

With fashion student Rebecca and Arvin, Jorgen not in photo

I enjoyed I Love Choc’s streetwear style. They were funky, cute. I adored the sweaters, sporty dresses, and sweatpants. I also enjoyed Conally McDougal’s simple, classic designs.


I love clothes and I like to dress up but it’s more of a personal thing for me than an event. I guess it’s like how I am with sports. I love to play but I don’t really watch any games or support any teams. That’s also how I am with fashion.  Please don’t think I’m poking fun at this event, I’m just amazed at how I actually pulled everything off on my first fashion week attendance. After all the procrastination, I ended up getting frontrow seats. Hilarious! People on my instagram will think I’m some hotshot now.  Somehow the glamour of this event contrasts greatly to what I just went through. Truth be told, I enjoyed the rush and all the problem-solving involved. Sitting there, watching the models walk was quite anti-climactic. Overall it was a good experience and a chance to bond with my friends!

with menswear blogger Mr. Wayne and bff Arvin

We capped off the night with a few drinks at Cactus Club. Fun!

P.S This blogpost totally ruins my image-crafting scheme but then again the trend nowadays is “authenticity” so here I am being transparent with all of you.


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