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January Favorites

I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend too much on material things but here’s an awesome shopping tip: January is the best month to find deals! Stores are always trying to clear out their holiday specials to make way for the Spring collection.

  1. Varsity Sweatshirt -I’ve always been into the preppy, schoolboy style and have been wanting a varsity jacket for god knows how long. I had to consider the quality and material and just couldn’t find the right one. When J.Crew released this cute sweatshirt I knew it was the one.
  2. Mug– We only have ugly mugs at home. Hugo Guinness’ illustrated mermaid mug is perfect. Nobody at home would dare use it except for me, why? Because my second name Serena in Filipino literally means mermaid (yes, i had to learn how to swim..sort of). This mug is mine, mine, mine!
  3. Camp Socks– One can never have enough socks. I needed cute, thick socks for colder months. These funky socks come in complimentary colours of yellow and purple, fun!

Save me, I’m an unthinking consumer.


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