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Nina and Nani’s Binondo Chinatown Foodtrip

When in Manila, one should always make it a goal to visit Chinatown. Shopping and partying is the same in every cosmopolitan country, so why would you want to do the same? What makes Manila unique is its undiscovered nooks and crannies that hold so much life and history.

You will feel transported back into time once you enter the Arch of Goodwill. Manila Chinatown gives off a very retro vibe.

We looked for Ongpin Street and once we were there my friend found it easy to navigate through the streets. There was a lot happening in Chinatown, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat being sold on the streets. Some stalls had their doors open, blasting out chinese songs.

Our first stop was Dong Bei Dumpling. We actually had a lot of restaurants to try on our list but we ended up enjoying our conversation so much that we ordered a second batch of fried pancakes.

Dong Bei Dumpling is famous around the internet, with lots of bloggers recommending this little hole in the wall. It’s just a small store with around four to six tables, plastered on the wall is a tarp with the menu, on another wall is a pink cartolina with a list of dishes and prices.

The waiters prepare the dumplings where the customers can see it.

We ordered kuchay dumplings and xiao long bao first.

kuchay dumplings

Xiao long bao

Later on we ordered fried stuffed pancakes with pork and kuchay.

We walked to Salazar Street where we discovered a vegetarian store.

We just had drinks because we were too full. Too sweet. I went back on another day to try their vegetarian pasta. The pasta had too much sauce. Wasn’t too good.

Nani and I went to Lucky Chinatown Mall and then to 168.

We walked back to Soler Street to try Golden Fortune restaurant.
Their dumplings and dimsum are 50% off from 2-5 pm.

It was so good! We particulary loved the hakaw and shark’s fin dumplings.

century eggs dimsum

shark’s fin dumpling


We ended up just trying two restaurants because. . . TAKAW TINGIN! But it didn’t matter, we really had so much fun walking around, eating and shopping (at 168 hihihi)

We also got lost around Arranque Street at night! If I’m correct it’s where the market is located, I wanted to show Nani the huge pet market but every establishment in Chinatown seem to close as early as 7 pm. We made it safely back to Carriedo station and said our goodbyes there as we rode on opposite trains.

..I ended up taking Nani’s train at a later time because the train going to Roosevelt was packed.

For this foodtrip we didn’t have a proper map, we just had a list of the restaurants and a snapshot of a food guide we got from the internet.

It was really fun though, and once you get to Chinatown there are so many restaurants and shops. You could totally ditch your research and try anything you want.


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