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Roadtrip in Mindanao: Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte

I wish I could put a more creative title but I’m trying to be SEO friendly. I can’t believe I’m applying things I’ve learned in web school.

Moving on to more relevant things, I went with my friend to Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. The word Lanao has somewhat of a negative connotation. There have been many encounters in this area between rebels and the military as well as kidnapping incidents. I wouldn’t know the statistics of these incidents but I’ve passed through this area so many times. It helps a lot to be careful and alert. Whenever I travel from Misamis Oriental to Misamis Occidental I make sure that I reach this area before sunset.

Downtown Cagayan de Oro, on our way to Lanao

Maybe this time, it was a little bit reckless of me to go (it was election season) but my friend invited me to their relative’s for Kauswagan’s fiesta. I couldn’t say no because:

#1 I love the scenic route to Lanao; the seneguelas trees, the eerie towns, old houses, abandoned houses, the sea.

#2 Lechon

#3 Seafood

#4 Roadtrip!

We went by private car so the travel time was faster. When commuting people usually take the bus to Ozamiz/Pagadian/Dipolog from the Bulua Terminal.

Cagayan de Oro bridge

We passed by several towns and a few cities.

Initao, one of the creepy towns to pass through. Lots of stories of ghosts and white ladies.
Fiesta in Kauswagan!
election season

Because I was too shy, I didn’t take photos of the people nor the food. Something I am kicking myself for, because I’m supposed to document how fiesta’s are in our country! Sigh.

Let me just narrate it: Households prepare a feast, for this particular house they had a room upstairs for their invited guests where there was lechon, shrimps, humba, crabs, fish, and just so much food. Downstairs the house is open to everyone. People from all over and neighbouring towns go from one household to another to eat. We went to three houses for lunch! but only ate at two houses. The shrimps were huuuge. I love shrimps.

We went to the baywalk to burn all the food we consumed. I know there are no people in my photographs but there were actually a lot of people walking and wandering in the town center. There were also stalls selling different things, this area of stalls is called “baratilyo”.

We arrived at 11 am and left at 2 pm, talk about eat and run. I’m  actually sad that I wasn’t able to take photos of people. I’m still iffy about taking photos because I feel like I’m invading their privacy, or exploiting them.


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