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Holy Week Food Fare

Maundy Thursday: Mi-Racquel’s Tapsilogan, Manila
For Thursday, my friend mentioned how this small inconspicuous place served the best fried pork ribs in town. The term used was “mouth-watering” so although Catholic tradition barred us from eating pork, I took on the offer of trying the “best” ribs in town. Luckily, they were open and I found myself agreeing, they truly serve the tastiest pork ribs in town! It took a while to prepare but it was hot and juicy when it got to the table. Coated in honey garlic sauce and fried to a crisp, I’d say I haven’t tasted anything better!
Good Friday: Bacolod Inasal, Greenhills
It was difficult looking for an open restaurant, so we drove around until we reached Greenhills, this was the only open Inasal place. Unfortunately their barbecued chicken and pork tasted dry. Everything was bland, including the free dessert. The pancit talangka above could have used more sauce, and maybe heated the pasta a little bit more. The only redeeming dish served was their Sinigang na Bangus, which was served so late that everybody was full by then. Maybe their head cook was on holiday?
Good Friday 2: Intramuros, Manila

The street adjacent to San Agustin Church was closed off for the street food vendors to park. My top two choices? The grilled corn cob and grilled dried squid! I also had fried camote but it wasn’t served fresh. There were  a lot of other stuff being sold like siomai, icecream, burgers, hotdogs, drinks and accessories.
Black Saturday: Bialetti Cafe, Quezon City
For brunch, we had pasta at the Bialetti Cafe, it tasted good but  I don’t think it was worth our hundred bucks for such a small serving. Friuli serves a bigger portion for the same price! The drinks though were delicious. I had the green tea lychee blend which I really liked.
Dinner: Crazy Katsu, Maginhawa, Quezon City

There were only a few places open at Maginhawa Street that night so I persuaded my friend to try Crazy Katsu. And as always, they delivered. The Tonkatsu and Katsudon we ordered were both very good except that my veggies were soaked too much on soysauce so I had a hard time finishing it. 
Easter Sunday: M’s Kitchen, Quezon City
And to end our holy week, we had the quintessential bacon and eggs for breakfast from M’s Kitchen. 
Lastly, due to the infernal heat we had ice cream everyday!

Fruits in Cream, Pistacio and Strawberry


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