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Art Circle Cafe Dessert Treats

(L-R: black and white cake, lava cupcake)

Pasta Negra

Barako Coffee
I’ve been spending a lot of time at my favourite cafe recently. My friend and I always go there when we have some catching up to do. Our company meetings also take place there now (I’m new to the team btw, YAY!) and I also spend my day there whenever I need to concentrate on a paper. I’ve blogged about their delicious Pasta Negra, so now I just want to let you know how delicious their lava cupcake is! I prefer the white chocolate over the black. Also, let me warn you about their strongest coffee (Barako) it’s good but it’s really strong. I was tossing and turning in my bed at 2 am!
It was my first time to go their during lunch time and boy were they full! Don’t expect a quick service during lunch hours. It’s a really good thing if you go there just to unwind and relax in the afternoons.

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