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Foodie Friday: Spiral Sofitel

During the holidays I was watching ANC’s City Escapades. They were featuring the top 10 buffets to try for the New Year and number one on the list was Sofitel’s Spiral. So there I was salivating and wishing I could go to at least the top two. 
I guess the gods must have heard my hungry cries because I got asked by my aunt to be her photographer on a valentines article she was doing.You know, on ordinary days I would not splurge 2k for a buffet, you just can’t sulit all the stations! But this was free and it was work, so of course I had to go. Getting paid to shoot and eat?  That’s what I love to do. 
I held back publishing these photos online because I was waiting to see which photos would be published on print. 

These are just a few of the stations. I wasn’t able to try the french station because I just had too much to eat and I had to leave room for dessert. I’ll be posting my top three favourite dishes next!

Anyway, if you have 2k to throw away then by all means, indulge yourselves. The next special feature by Spiral will be for Easter! You should see their delightful easter desserts. I’m still waiting on a go signal if I can publish those too! 🙂


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