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Foodie Friday: Pancake House

The only reason I am posting food photos from Pancake House is because they look too pretty to ignore. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend their waffles at all. It was hard and stale, a disappointing fact when you realize that Starbuck’s Belgian Waffle only cost 80php, this one cost around 200php.
Vienna Latte
Peach waffle with whipped cream on top
Sweet Splenda mesages

Thankfully their service staff at Harbour Square were really nice so we still had quite an enjoyable meal. The other thing that helped was the peach syrup for my peach waffle. Aside from the usual sugar syrup, their peach syrup tasted really good, so I didn’t mind chewing my cold, sad waffle.

They say that you should never judge a restaurant on your first visit but Pancake House Harbour Square is so far from me so I guess I won’t be coming back anytime soon to try their Blueberry Pancakes.


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