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Foodie Friday: The Chocolate Kiss

Foodie Friday:
This is from Chocolate Kiss, a restaurant conveniently located inside the university campus. 
They serve a variety of dishes ranging from american, italian, asian and  filipino cuisine. Choco Kiss is known for their cakes, the devil cake being their signature dessert. We didn’t have any dessert that night, as you can see, we ordered too much just for two people. And even with our appetites, we still ended up feeling bloated. 
I had the Hainanese Chicken and the Spinach Cream Dip. The Hainanese Chicken tasted alright, I just thought that the sauce seemed too little for the size of the chicken. I can’t do any comparisons since I haven’t tasted authentic Hainanese Chicken! Recommendations anyone? The Spinach Cream Dip was delicious but it can be a little heavy for an appetizer.
I don’t really order pasta from this restaurant because I’ve had one of their expensive seafood ones before and it was quite bland and small for its size. 
You can visit the Chocolate Kiss website here and check out their menu. They’re one of my favorite online restaurant websites! 

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