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Foodie Friday: Art Circle Cafe

Sagada Coffee and Dark Chocolate Lava Cupcake

Squash Soup

Spicy Squid Pasta Negra

Foodie Friday Feature: Art Circle Cafe

The Art Circle Cafe is my favorite hang out. I usually go there when I’m working on papers or just killing time with my friend. They serve locally grown coffee that rival those abroad namely Sagada, Benguet and Kalinga. The Sagada coffee is the strongest, I always end up feeling hyper and unable to sleep. It’s also cheaper than most coffeeshops. One coffee press is worth 110php. It’s so good too!

My favorite dessert would be the white chocolate lava cupcake. When I first tasted it, my eyes just lit up and just as Katy Perry said, it has a surprise center!

The spicy squid pasta negra is delicious! It’s probably my favorite pasta, and cheaper than most of the pastas served within the area as it is priced at around 210php. The squash soup was really creamy but it needed more seasoning.

The Art Circle Cafe is located at The Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman just beside the Art Circle Gallery.


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