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Pizzeria Prima Strada

On our lovely day trip to Vitoria Island, we decided to have lunch at Pizzeria Prima Strada. It came highly recommended by an acquaintance and so we wanted to try it out. The restaurant is near downtown Victoria, we didn’t have much of a hard time finding it. The exterior shows a wooden signage of the restaurant, inside the walls were painted in red, complimented by black and white photos of water buffalos.
I found their menu very cute and classy.
The server recommended their best-selling pizza. I just found it weird that it took her a long time to go to our table or even deliver water. The place wasn’t busy at all, there were only about three tables filled. It seemed like she was whiling away her precious time.

Thanks to good food and beautiful interiors, I didn’t seem to mind the almost stuffy server.

We had three different kinds of pizza and, two plates of meatballs. Unfortunately I was not able to take note which pizza we ordered. I specially liked the one in the middle, topped with cherry tomatoes and greens.

2nd favorite; the fungi pizza
My favorite
Least favorite

For dessert, we had gelatos and sorbets. I expected it to be as delicious as the gelatos I’ve previously tasted in other places.  I had two gelatos that day, one at the restaurant and the other at Buchart Gardens. Let’s just say that I’ll stick to my favorite gelato stores. So far the ones I’ve tasted in Victoria were mildly disappointing. If you do have any suggestions, I’d love to know about it!

We also shared a slice of tiramisu!

Judgment? Let’s just say my expectations were too high and their delivery fell short.  For all the lovely food and beautiful decor, it’s quite important to give the customer an over-all lovely experience. I don’t know how to describe it but there are restaurants I’ve only gone to once but I know I’d love to go back to. This one I’m not too excited about. It’s not a place where you go back to for the people or the food (this is my opinion on it). It all depends on the experience! Yes, this is proof that you just can’t say it’s good because it looks expensive and classy. When there’s too much hype, you end up getting disappointed, better to be full of surprises!
P.S they have very handsome servers which helps…
You can check out their website here.
You can also read some reviews here.

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